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High Maintenance Much? How To Not Ruin A Summer Weekend With Your Love

Rule number one, don't bring a suitcase full of shoes. 

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, we have some advice for summering with your new love. 

Founder of the dating site Platinum Poire, Rori Sassoon, explains that if you go away with a new partner, you really don’t want to act high maintenance, because you may never hear from them again. Unless that’s what you want. Then, by all means, act like a Cuckoo bird.

Rori says that early getaways can determine if two people want to continue the relationship, because when you vacation with someone, you’re seeing how they behave for longer chunks of time. 

“Let’s say you’re going away for the first time, some people go away together after four dates,” she says. “A great vacation should start with a great bag, a great overnight bag. Most importantly, you want to look cute, you don’t want to be a high maintenance princess.”

Bring just the basics, she says, which can actually help a relationship when your partner sees you don’t need 70 pairs of shoes with you in order to survive for two days. 

“Bring one pair of great sunglasses for when you have no makeup on and hair in a bun. You don’t want to have 20 pairs of sunglasses. For dinner have a great little clutch, which fits a cell phone and room key, something that works with your wardrobe.”

Mix and match a simple color palette for your clothes, including creams and beiges, like a sexy maxi dress, and bring one pair of heels for a night out, and one pair of gladiator sandals for daytime. Always travel with a great scarf to throw around your neck, at dinner you can use as shawl. And bring a little treat.

“Make sure you have lingerie,” Rori says. “A great sexy bra and panties and a little nightgown. 

Outside of your “stuff” Rori gets into behavior while you’re away. 

“Before you make the decision to make a getaway you need to have a comfortability factor. If the sex isn’t good, the ocean may be the only place you want to be, and not near your partner.”

You get a closer look at people’s habits when you go away with them and that can make people nervous. 

“You learn so much about a person and you can really see how it’s going to evolve,” she says. “If you invited a woman, make sure the woman feels like she’s being taken care of. Take care of the trip, the reservations, make sure it’s all handled and make everything flow. Control the stuff you can, so many things are unpredictable. Make the weekend successful, fun and ask at the end do I really want to move forward with this person?”

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