How To Pump New Life Into Your Long-term Relationship

If you're emotionally OK, but otherwise bored, spice it up. 

What if you love your partner but your relationship is dying

First, there are signs the partnership has turned stale: if you talk and realize it’s an emotional problem, then you need to seek professional help, says relationship expert Rori Sassoon. 

“My friend’s husband doesn’t ever want to do anything, she wants to go dance, that’s something that can be resolved if you love each other,” Rori says. 

In order to pump life into the relationship if everything else seems ok, Rori says, “mixing unpredictability with stability” is the trick. 

“Surprise them with a trip, do something out of the norm,” she says. “Balance it out. People always need to reinvent their relationship, when certain people are bored that’s when trouble starts.”

Rori says new shared experiences are key, and that “it doesn’t always have to be a trip or gifts.”

“Go to a vineyard for the day, have a picnic on the beach, take a class, it’s all about learning and building something together,” she says. “You have to shake things up a little bit. People need that.”

If the relationship is sexually stale, Rori says instead of cheating,  just let your imagination run wild.

“You don’t have to do anything crazy, like, go out and meet at a bar, pretend you don’t know each other, role play make it fun,” she says.  

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