How To Quickly Give An Elevator Divorce Speech In Under Two Minutes

When so many people are asking you to repeat your story. 

Endless people asking about your divorce? Forced to tell the same sad tale over and over again about what he or she did or didn’t do, how it’s not your fault, or how it was mutual?

Here are some easy tips to deliver your divorce news in a swift manner.

1.  Define the divorce

Define the divorce as you'd like it understood, reports Psychology Today. Use amicable, mutual, a surprise, and follow it up with one sentence. “We think it’s best for us both” works just fine.

2.  Issue a call to action

Instead of why did this happen, steer the conversation to “what’s next.”

“A good friend probably wants more information on how you're doing and what you might need.”

3.  Always be closing

“As TV reporters say, ‘Back to you!’” reports PT. “Most people will stop talking about you if given a chance to talk about themselves.”

4.  Update as facts change

A divorce matures. Switch your focus over to how your divorce is helping you, if you can find a way.

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