Flower Power: How to Use Edible Flowers to Wow Your Dinner Guests With Zero Effort

We're putting the petal to the metal this summer: Here's how.

You can put an egg on it, or you can put a bird on it if that's how you roll—but there's one surefire way to transform a dish you're making into a spectacular creation fit to serve at a dressy dinner party: Put a flower on it. Better yet, put lots of flowers on it. Now that all kinds of eye-poppingly pretty edible flowers are showing up at farmer's markets, you've got a one-step solution for transforming any food, from salad to toast to roasted cod, into a serious Insta-worthy artwork.

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Lucky Peach has a slew of inspiring ideas for how to use the season's edible flowers to add a shot of color and beauty to virtually any dish, whether you layer some edible purple pansies over mixed greens, or sprinkle orange nasturtiums on your Sunday bagels-and-lox brunch, or add kale blossoms to that pasta salad you're bringing to a picnic (they taste a bit like broccoli and add a hit of flavor).

For more ideas, check out Bon Appetit's tips from chefs on how to use edible flowers in everything from vinaigrettes to cocktails, and check out the National Gardening Association's tips on how to choose edible flower varieties to grow at home, and how to make sure the flowers you're picking out to eat are perfectly safe, and—very important—tasty too.




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