How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas (Hint: Don’t)

Willow the Squishy Cat will not be appearing under your tree anytime soon.

First thing’s first: Please do not give pets as holiday gifts. While the intention is always good, raising a pet is a long-term commitment that requires serious time and thought. Gift certificates to local shelters are a great alternative that will let the recipient find the right pet for themselves, on their own terms.

Now that we’ve got that PSA out of the way, Willow the Squishy Cat would like to show you how to wrap a cat as a Christmas gift. Step one: Have an extremely patient cat, such as Willow. Step two: Treats. Lots and lots of treats. Step three: What are you doing tho? Step four: Stahhhhhppppp! Step five: Give up altogether, your cat would not like to be wrapped, kthxbai!

How to wrap a cat! 🎁#willowscatmas #volumeup #howtowrapacat

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