Huma Abedin Opens Up About Husband Anthony Weiner's Sexting Scandal & Why She Stayed

Hillary Clinton's most trusted advisor is talking about her private life. 

Huma Abedin is talking family, Hillary, and yes, her husband Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, which was in the news again last week when he sexted and it turned out he was catfished by a man. 

Hillary Clinton’s most trusted advisor and wing-woman Huma said it was her Muslim faith that pulled her through the scandal and influenced her decision to stay with Anthony after he was caught sexting women pictures of himself naked. Over and over again. 

“I tried to block out all the noise and move on with my life,” Huma tells Vogue in a lengthy profile on her upbringing and career. She adds that she also relied on a “really supportive group of friends and colleagues” while her husband derailed his own mayoral bid and betrayed her.

“That support system enabled us—enabled me—to get up and to keep doing what I thought were the right things for my family and for myself,” she said. 

She also thought about the couple’s son, Jordan, a newborn at the time. 

“I know Anthony has said this before, but Jordan was the best thing that happened to either of us,” Huma said. “Our primary concern was the well-being of our son, and ensuring he had everything he needed to feel loved and cared for and to thrive.”

Huma, 40, added that she initially liked her husband for his smarts and passion for helping people. 

“One of the things that, because we became friendly, I found striking about Anthony was how smart he was, what a great debater he was. He was smart, he was passionate,” she said. “When he wanted to do something that he thought was the right thing to do, he would not give up. The kind of dedication and passion he had for helping people, I found very attractive and inspiring. We’d walk through the neighborhood, and people would stop him on the street and say, ‘Congressman, I need help with something,’ and he’d pull out a pen and paper. He was always very meticulous about following up.”

When they first met, “It didn’t go so well,” Huma said. “A friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘He’d like to meet you.’ I was working. My mind wasn’t even there. He came over, he said hello, and, honestly, that was the end of it. I ordered tea, and then left to use the ladies’ room, and then never came back. That was our first meeting.”

She also spoke about her tough work-life-home balance, saying she hasn’t seen a movie in as long as she can remember and that she feels guilty for not cooking her son dinner often enough. 

“It wasn’t so clear in my mind, after my son was born, that I would work with this kind of intensity,” she said. “Many working moms feel this way—there is a lot of guilt. . . . I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t have the support system I have, if Anthony wasn’t willing to be, essentially, a full-time dad. I have in-laws who are really supportive. And I’m lucky enough to have a nanny, which I realize is completely a luxury—a lot of people aren’t able to do that. That allows me to travel and do my job.

“But I do feel like I’m constantly juggling. There are days that go by, and I think, I can’t recall the last time I cooked my son a meal. I feel really guilty about that. I’m his mother, and I should be making sure he’s eating well! When I do have a day with him, I like to go on a walk—even if I have to be on a conference call, I think, to him, it’s normal. I’m hoping that in ten years he won’t remember that Mom is at work so much.”

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