I Wore a Beauty Mask on a Plane and Freaked People Out (But it Was So Worth It)

I just owned my s***.

On a turbulent Thanksgiving plane ride from New York to Portugal, I decided to shakily put on a moisturizing mask. Look, I fear no mask — I've even tried that crazy one with snail essence — nor any place to pop one on. And a plane seemed like an especially great venue for a mask application, actually, given both its tendency to dry out passengers' skin... and the trapped-for-a-long-time-anyway nature of the experience.

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As a travel writer quite familiar with dry cabin air, I decided to try on a new formula from Biossance (check out the timelapse video). The Detoxifier needed to be mixed on the spot so into the bathroom I went, using a cup provided by the flight attendant.

The material turned into a bright rubber-like substance, and I popped it on. Perhaps I should have warned my neighbor, who kept looking over at me curiously. I looked like a blue version of The Mask, or perhaps a member of the Blue Man Group. Not exactly what you expect to see in the seat next to you.

The stewardess who handed me my cup nodded in recognition of my in-flight beauty routine — she seemed impressed, actually. I had to wait 20 minutes. The man in business class did a major double take, and the pilot who came to visit someone near my aisle smiled — friendly, but confused. I had never felt more self-conscious 30,000 feet above sea level.

But for sure it was I who got the last laugh. After I peeled the residue off, I felt like new baby coming out of clay plaster. My skin felt bouncy and buoyant. The coolness calmed me, and I felt like my pores could breathe. Even by the time I took the subway and arrived at my hotel, I felt solidly fresh off the runway. 

The only regret I had: not bringing an additional mask for the return trip home. And maybe not having this super-cool Hello Kitty one like my blogger friend! If you're going to do it, you just have to fully own it after all.

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Next time.

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