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These 5 Ice-Cold Cocktails Made With Chocolate Are Summer's Answer to Hot Cocoa

Cold boozy chocolate: the three best words of summer.

On a hot summer night, it's hard to think of a combo more tempting than a refreshing shot of booze, a chocolaty ingredient, and an ice-filled glass. Here, 5 inventive drinks that walk the luscious line between cocktail and dessert. 


Where: Milano Bar at Radio Milano, Houston

What: Double espresso shot, Irish whiskey, hazelnut, espresso liqueur, heavy cream, star anise, housemade Hershey chocolate foam (made with egg whites and Hershey chocolate syrup).

How: "My co-worker's brother, Ron, is a steady regular at the bar. His usual routine is to order an espresso, and then enjoy a cocktail. One day, we did some experimenting and killed two birds with one stone by combining the two. It's a crowd favorite," bar manager Corey Boyce tells The Feast. It's easy to see why the drink is a hit, what with its thick head of rich, eggy chocolate foam. Photo courtesy of Bar Milano

Cowboy Killer

Where: The Wallace, Los Angeles

What: Chocolate chili bitters, hickory-smoked tobacco syrup, whiskey.

How: "Chef Joel Miller and I went on a quest to create the most ridiculously masculine drink. What we achieved was better," says director of beverages Greg Bryson, who also notes, “This drink gets you high, as it has a whole mess of tobacco.” Photo by Stephen Zwick.

Bitter Petals

Where: Canon, Seattle

What: Gin, red wine-based apéritif, bitter Italian aperitif, creme de cacao chocolate liqueur, elderflower liqueur, edible flowers, bitters.

How: “I was really just trying to come up with a drink that did not have citrus, in order to accent the edible flowers. Chocolate and floral notes are a perfect match,” owner Jamie Boudreau explains. Photo courtesy of Canon.

Maui Waui

Where: Bourbon Steak, D.C.

What: Coconut infused rum, fresh lime juice, orgeat, pineapple gomme syrup, bitters, chocolate.

How: The Tiki-inspired drink will whisk you off to a tropical paradise with its bold combo of ingredients, including shaved dark chocolate. Photo courtesy of Bourbon Steak.

The Ruckus

Where: Lantern’s Keep at The Iroquois Hotel, New York City

What: Cognac, green chartreuse, artichoke liqueur, chocolate bitters.

How: “I was going through a list of classic and modern-classic cocktails, and tried substituting cognac as the base spirit," explains bar manager Natasha Torres. "Then I started testing bitters. Chocolate and cognac were an instant hit." Photo courtesy of Lantern’s Keep.

The Ruckus recipe:

2 oz Pierre Ferrand Cognac

.38 oz Green chartreuse

.38 oz Cynar

2 dashes Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters

Build in a double rocks glass, add ice and stir.

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