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iDo! A Man Marries His iPhone in Las Vegas Ceremony

This guy can carry his wife in his pocket!

Does this mean he can’t upgrade? 

Aaron Chervenak drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas recently to marry his iPhone. Yes, you read that right. 

It went down at The Little Vegas Chapel on May 20, after the tech loving Aaron decided he wanted to explore the idea of being married to his hand computer. 

"At first it was like what?” said chapel owner Michael Kelly. “And then I was like... Alright let’s do it. We don't really have many people that marry inanimate objects. People are so connected to their phones and they live with them all the time. They're with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cell phone. They wake up with their cell phone, sometimes it's the first thing that they check.”

At least iPhones don’t get morning breath. 

Although marriage between man and his phone isn't legally recognized by the State of the Nevada, The Little Vegas Chapel will honor any commitment ceremony.

In a video of the moving ceremony Aaron says his vows.

“If we’re gonna be honest with ourselves, we connect with our phones on so many emotional levels,” he says. “We look to it for solace, to calm us down, to put us to sleep, to ease our minds, and to me, that’s also what a relationship is about. So, in a sense, my smartphone has been my longest relationship. That’s why I wanted to see what it was like to actually marry a phone. I’m trying to ask the hard questions of myself as to what this relationship means. What I hope my wedding will do is to somehow act as a symbolic gesture to show how precious our phones are becoming in our daily lives.”

Much like a human-human marriage, belonging to a phone includes a contract. Just don’t leave her in the back of a cab, Aaron. Someone else may pick her up. 

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