If You Have One Of These Names, You Probably Got Some Sex On Tinder

It's not clear if the names are just really popular, or if they are a turn on. 

What’s in a name? Possibly a hookup

Tinder has done a 2016 check of who was getting the most matches on their app—based on names only. If you’re a Hannah or a Lucas living in the U.S. you probably saw some good action this past year.

The data was pulled from left and right swipes between December of 2015 and November of this year.

Here is the list for both sexes in full:

The most popular female names were, Hannah, Emma, and Lauren. Rounding out the to ten were Julia, Emily, Rachel, Samantha, Katie, Anna, and Sara. Rounding out the list were Josh, Brandon, Justin, Ben, Adam, and Andrew.

It was not clear whether or not these names are more popular overall on Tinder, or if these names are a straight turn on. 

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