If You Want Him To Remain Faithful, Short Guys May Be The Way To Go

Make that short, dark, and handsome. 

If he has long legs, he’s probably wrapping them around a lot of people. Say, what?

Yes, new research has revealed that if your guy is tall, he is more likely to be unfaithful. Cheating experts Ashley Madison did a survey asking men of all heights, and found that found that taller men were twice as likely to cheat when compared to those under 5’10.

Most of the men who admitted to bedding another woman—or guy—behind their partners’ back were over 5’10.

Taller men were likely to cheat for a variety of reasons, in cluding looks, confidence, and the ability to make a woman feel safe. 

So make sure whenever your tall guy is on a guy’s night out, make sure he remains seated.

The researchers found that many shorter men may suffer from “small man syndrome” and are not as confident with women.

The survey also found that many women want a man to be physically stronger and taller than them, so that they feel protected and secure, even if the woman is independent or the breadwinner.

Guys with extra height were also found to carry themselves with confidence, and felt their height gave them an edge over shorter fellas.

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