These Clever Fill-in-the-Blank Recipe Posters From a Swedish Furniture Giant Make Cooking Totally Foolproof

Forget about assembling your new Gjöra or Hasselvika—make ravioli with Swedish meatballs instead.


Winding your way through a maze of illegibly named products, getting frustrated as you try and hammer tiny wooden pegs into an end table, and questioning the random yet ominous pile of nuts and bolts remaining after you’ve finished construction, are all just a standard part of the IKEA experience.

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And another standard part of the IKEA experience? Eating tiny meatballs at the café. (Save your horsemeat jokes—they’ve all been made before.) So to combine its love of construction projects, printed instructions, and tasty treats, the Swedish furniture giant has a new item to help organize your dinner: fill-in-the-blank recipe assembly posters that make cooking a no-brainer.

Created by IKEA Canada’s ad agency, Leo Burnett, the simple recipe posters act as place-and-bake instructions for creating dishes like “Ravioli with Swedish Meatballs,” “Lemon & Herb Roasted Salmon” and “Roasted Cocktail Shrimp,” as reported by Eater. Each poster contains a single recipe, with how-to instructions and simple drawings that demonstrate exactly where you should place each ingredient. The recipes are printed on oven-safe parchment paper in food-safe ink, so once you’ve arranged all your ingredients on the sheet, you simply roll up the paper and bake. And the results look surprisingly good! (At least in the video.)

The recipes all use ingredients sold in IKEA and were rolled out in stores around Canada during the IKEA Kitchen Event. No word yet on if/when the parchment recipes will be available in other IKEA stores but it’s exciting to see the furniture tycoon come up with such an innovative way to make home cooking simple.

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Now if they could just do the same for building a Malsjö.

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