Inside the Resort-Like Facility Where Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Headed for Sex Addiction Treatment (It Costs $37,000 a Month)

Clients of The Meadows include Tiger Woods, Selena Gomez, and Kate Moss.

Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped, assaulted, and manipulated countless women over a period of decades in Hollywood. So far, his punishment includes almost immediate categorization as an industry pariah, and travel to a location meant as a rehabilitation center for the so-called addictions that nominally resulted in his behaviors.

Last week, the former movie mogul left Los Angeles on a private plane headed to Wickenburg, Arizona, which is home to The Meadows, according to the Daily Mail. That's a rehab clinic that treats a wide array of psychological disorders and addictions, with a roster of celebrity clientele including Tiger Woods, Selena Gomez, and Kate Moss.

But midway into the flight, according to the Mail Weinstein's jet changed its course and landed instead in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he dined with friends ahead of the weekend. 

While the former studio head's commitment to get help has been questioned widely — including by his own estranged brother, Bob — he may indeed end up at the Meadows.

There, he would receive treatment that costs — per month — in the neighborhood of an entry-level luxury automobile. Patients have the opportunity to participate in horseback riding, yoga, meditation, and so-called "expressive arts."

About 50 miles northwest of Phoenix, the property sprawls over 14 acres, and the manicured grounds include a tranquil pool surrounded by orange chaise loungers, a bubbling fountain, and colorful desert flora. The recommended packing list includes bathing suits, slacks, and "Polo style shirts."

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