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Is This the Most Offensive Thing You Can Do at Work? The Debate Is Sure to Raise Some Eyebrows

Well, that's one way to spend your lunch break.

They say you should never mix business with pleasure, but what about getting pleasure at work? If you think getting it on while you're on the job is one of the few things in this crazy world we can all agree is a definite no-no, you might be surprised to learn that this topic is actually up for debate. 

Don't believe us? Well, then you need to check out the latest episode of Personal Space above, where sisters Lauren and Mariah Smith, who work for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and professional matchmaker Lori Zaslow join host Greta Titelman to get down to work and discuss what should definitely be kept out of the office.


Yes, these ladies dish on all of the burning questions that probably come to mind from nine to five: Will I get away with this outrageous excuse to skip work? Could my Resting Bitch Face be my key to success? What is the most offensive thing I could ever do at work? 

Your career advice awaits in the full episode of Personal Space, above.

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