It Turns Out Carlton From 'Fresh Prince' Has Only Been to Bel-Air Once, Which Shatters Our '90s Illusions

"It was beautiful but I haven’t had a reason to go back."

Can someone please get former Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro a cab with dice in the mirror immediately — and point that thing straight to Bel-Air? That's because, in an exclusive interview with Jet Set, he revealed, "I've only been once, during the Fresh Prince years."

[Record scratch.] Wait, what? Alfonso, who played Carlton Banks on the show, has only actually been in Bel-Air once? This both amuses us and kind of shatters our dreams.

"It was beautiful but I haven’t had a reason to go back," he said.

Oh, man. Let us process the information that part of what we thought we knew to be real in the '90s was in fact pure fiction. While there's been a lot of rough news out there lately, this is particularly heartbreaking for an entire generation of Fresh Prince enthusiasts.

Ribeiro also admitted, "I have been there to visit Quincy Jones at his house, but no other reason has presented itself," before adding quickly: "I travel an awful lot. Some for work, some for golf as I love to play in charity golf events."

We get it, everyone's busy, but this is feels like an American heritage issue.

When he's not on the road, he's hosting America’s Funniest Videos and Unwrapped 2.0 on The Cooking Channel, and teaming up with Tony the Tiger (true story!) to encourage teen and and tween self-esteem.

"As the proud father of a 13-year-old daughter, I know that even though tweens may recognize they’re great, they often feel shy about really going all in and sharing it. Which is why new data about tweens feeling unable to express their inner-greatness really stuck with me. In fact, 90 percent of tweens think they’re great, yet 40 percent often hold back on expressing what makes them great."

We heavily suspect young Carlton would've benefitted from this self-empowerment message.

People of real-life Bel-Air, please note the fact that Alfonso is an important part of your local history — despite his absence — and should be honored as such. Invite him back, because he just may show up with Tony the Tiger and a dance routine that will slay the crowd.

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