Why Did Ivanka Trump's Photo of Her Bizarre Party Snack Have Everyone Confused?

Ivanka's party appetizer seemed like an odd pairing.

With all the Trump-focused news headlines these days, you'd think that an innocuous Instagram post by Ivanka Trump about her six-year-old daughter's birthday party would pass by unnoticed. But the Internet, of course, would never let that happen.

As part of her Instagram story documenting daughter Arabella's birthday party earlier this week, Trump posted a photo of a rather odd party snack—skewers of charred hot dogs topped with jumbo marshmallows. She titled it "Keeping it healthy" with a winky face, tongue-out emoji.

Sure, you'd roast both these things over a campfire, but separately—not on the same skewer, right?

Predictably, everyone was confused/skeptical and took to Twitter to express their concerns.

But as Teen Vogue pointed out, this seemingly bizarre snack is actually a common dish in the Philippines. Apparently, skewered hot dogs and marshmallows are served as an appetizer at kids' parties all the time.

Who knew Trump was so in tune with Filipino food traditions?

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