Ivanka Trump Becomes Latest Victim Slayed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Internationally Recognized Hotness

Like Kate Middleton before her.

Back when Kate Middleton and Prince William were on their Canadian tour, we caught the Duchess of Cambridge eyeing a hottie who wasn't her husband: Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau, who tacitly tempted her to bat her lashes sweetly and flip her famous hair... right in front of her husband. Evidence:

Back then, we identified Trudeau as a "certified PMilf," and we're only a little embarrassed about coining that apt phrase. And it appears that we — and Kate — aren't the only ones who can't resist a little north-of-the-border charm.

Ivanka Trump appeared for the first time at a White House policy session earlier today, in a meeting with her father as well as Trudeau regarding women in business. Policy matters aside, we couldn't help but notice how her gazes toward Trudeau seemed to mimic Kate's.

Shall we see that again, a little closer now?


And she didn't even have to leave the states to get a glimpse of one of Canada's most famously beautiful sights. 

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