Ivanka Trump Talks Her Friendship With Chelsea Clinton During Presidential Run

The two used to run in the same social circles in New York. Things have since become awkward.

Ivanka Trump swears she’s still friends with Chelsea Clinton despite their parents competing for the presidency. 

The two women, who run in the same social circles in New York, haven’t been spotted being cordial together since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump began bashing each other in public. 

On the reports that her friendship with Chelsea Clinton had been “suspended” due to the campaign, Ivanka tells Harper’s BAZAAR the two are still close. 

“I still consider her a very close friend, and she considers me as well. We have a great relationship. I’m not running for public office, and neither is she, so of course we’re still friends,” she said. 

As for the rumors she’s the one who’s calling the shots behind her father’s campaign, she says “definitely” no.

“I’m definitely not. His campaign is his campaign,” she said. “We have worked together for over a decade, and I love my father, I respect my father. I also understand him and how he thinks…My role is daughter. I’m his daughter… My siblings and I volunteer our opinions, solicited or not, and I think most children do that with their parents.”

Donald also gets along great with Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner—why else? Because they bonded over their love for Ivanka.

“From the first time Jared and my father met, they liked each other. They initially bonded over me, and then they bonded over real estate,” she said.

Will she be going into politics herself following her father’s run?

“I made the mistake of once saying, ‘Never say never,’” she said. “I do believe that in life there are so many things I’m doing today that I never thought I’d be doing, so I generally take that perspective. But I said that, and the headline was IVANKA MIGHT RUN FOR OFFICE, so… But, no, it’s not something I think I would ever do.”

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