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This Calf Was Raised by Dogs So Now He Frolics and Plays Just Like a Puppy!

Whelp, THIS is the cutest thing you’ll see all week!

Hi friends! Remember that time we told you about kittens who were raised by rabbits so they learned how to hop like bunnies? (You should, that was the biggest hit this site has ever had!) Well, now we are bringing you something of a sequel, and we daresay it rivals the original in unadulterated cuteness.

An adorable Highland Cow calf named James was sadly rejected by the rest of his herd after he was unable to drink his mother’s milk. So the cattle owners decided to bring him inside their home in Asheville, North Carolina so he could live alongside them and their dogs.

As a result, James acts just like a puppy—from running through the yard, to licking his “fellow” dogs, to snuggling, playing, and even wearing puppy Halloween costumes! “He is the sweetest creature,” his mom Emily told the Daily Mail. “He loves to lick us and the dogs. And to just lay beside us and be scratched and petted.”

For more photos and footage of James and his friends, follow Happy Hens & Highlands on Instagram.

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