James Packer Dramatically Admits That Getting Engaged to Mariah Carey Was "a Mistake"

The Australian billionaire says he met her at a "low point" in his life.

Anyone who watched the first few episodes of the Mariah Carey docuseries Mariah's World could see that her ex-fiancé, Australian billionaire James Packer, was not comfortable being part of her spectacle, and subsequent episodes took place after the breakup. Now, he's revealing just how uncomfortable he was during their 18 months together.

In an interview with The Australian (spotted by Daily Mail), he said he was at a "low point in my personal life" that stemmed from an estranged marriage, mounting debt and an inheritance dispute with his sister.

"She was kind, exciting and fun," he told the publication. "Mariah is a woman of substance. She is very bright. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me."

He did not reconcile with his wife Erica, but says they are currently co-parenting well.

"It is my biggest regret that I let my marriage to Erica fail," he admitted. "It is what it is and she is doing an incredible job with the kids and we are in a great place." 

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