Janelle Monae Gets Her Hair Accessories At a Crafting Store

Her hairstylist is onto something.

Janelle Monae's signature colors are black and white. But, don't let that fool you. Though she favors a classic color palette, Janelle's fashion sense is anything but staid. And, the singer who's known for innovative statements just stepped out in her freshest hairstyle to date.

While making the talk-show and red-carpet-event rounds to promote her new film, Hidden Figures, Janelle has worn her hair in two buns that are plastered in googly eyes. (Let that sink in for a moment.) "Keeping that eighth eye open," the singer captioned a snap of the, um, eye-opening look.

And lest we forget she's watching, Janelle posted another reminder. "Even when I'm sleeping I keep 20 eyes open," she wrote. (Wait, does she sleep in that?!) The artiste behind the all-seeing style, Nikki Helms, chatted with Cosmopolitan about its inspiration.

Turns out, she found it in a place more beloved by crafters than celebrity stylists: Michael's. "I had a shoot with Janelle the day before yesterday, so I went to Michael’s before it to look around," Nikki told Cosmo. "I was feeling a little pop art-ish at the time, saw the eyes, and I thought they were really cool, but I wanted to get different sizes so they didn’t come off polka dot-ish. So I bought different sizes, grabbed some flexible "U" hair pins, and super glue—I keep the most random of things I my kit—and glued the eyes to the tops of the pins. Then, I popped them in her hair and she loved it." See? You can find haute style ideas anywhere!

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