Japan's Meat Cakes Are Making Every Carnivore's Birthday Wishes Come True

"Meat" the latest social media sensation.

Don't get them confused with beefcakes—meat cakes are here, and birthdays will never be the same again. Leave it to Japan to turn raw beef into an art form by sculpting it into elaborate cakes suitable for dogs, cats, or humans with a penchant for steak tartare. And then leave it to social media to make sure the trend goes viral, with photos of beautifully rosy cakes popping up on IG feeds across the world.

Meat cakes actually aren't as bizarre as they sound. Customers at yakiniku restaurants—basically, Japanese-style grill-your-own-meat restaurants—are usually served platters of raw meat, which they cook themselves at grills installed in every table. Some forward-thinking restaurants decided to up the ante by helping customers celebrate birthdays in the only way they knew how—with slices of raw pork and beef artfully arranged into cake form.

As Food & Wine reports, the trend has been around for several years in Japan, but it's only recently that the rest of the world has caught on to the madness.

It's not so surprising; after all, Japan is known for its love of beautiful presentation, as well as its penchant for anything bat-s*** crazy. Birthday cakes made out of raw meat? No need to have a cow.

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