Tiny Japanese Chin Rides Giant St. Bernard as a Chariot Everywhere She Goes

It’s like having a very furry limousine!

If we’ve learned anything about Saint Bernards, it’s that they have strong caretaker instincts. They never seem to mind taking on the maternal/patneral role, whether it’s with orphaned baby goats—or small clingy puppies.

This particular Saint Bernard, Blizzard, has embraced a tiny Japanese Chin as his own. As soon as little Lulu joined the family, she became obsessed with Blizzard, and followed him everywhere.

"She took to Blizzard as her parent," David Mazzarella, the pair's dad, told The Dodo. "She started sleeping on his back for warmth and comfort."

Sleeping on Blizzard’s back was only the beginning for the outdoorsy duo. Soon, Lulu was sitting on Blizzard’s back, and—eventually—riding Blizzard like her personal chariot.

You can follow Blizzard and Lulu’s adventures on their Instagram.

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