This Genius Japanese Cafe's Salads Look Exactly Like Cakes

Yes, you're allowed to eat the entire cake all by yourself.

If you've ever wished that eating a salad could feel a lot more like eating a big fat cake, then we've found the salad cafe of your dreams. Mitsuki Moriyasu just might be one of the most brilliant makers (and marketers) of salad who has ever walked the Earth. Her new Vegedeco Salad Cafe in Sakae, in the Nagoya area of central Japan, is an extension of an amazing salad that she crafted last summer to look (very convincingly) like a beautiful cake. It got attention all over Japan, and now Moriyasu's new cafe has a full menu of salad cakes available on its lunch menu.

All of the salads are low-carb, gluten-free and packed with superfood nutrients, but they look more like tooth-rotting sweets. Moriyasu is also brewing up seasonal "Vegedrop" vegetable teas full of antioxidants that supposedly have a detoxing effect, while at the cafe's retail section she's offering grab-and-go snacks like the soufflead, a combination of soufflé and bread made with koji (rice fungus).

The Vegedeco Salad selections are named after their color schemes, such as Pastel Violet, Lotus Pink, Mint Green and Royal Yellow. Since they're priced around $6-10 each, guests can sample a bunch in one go.

You'll have to go elsewhere for an actual cake, but you probably won't want to after you've stuffed yourself on salad. Or tricked your brain into thinking you've already gorged on dessert.

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