Japan's Narita Airport Offers Toilet Paper for Smartphones, Country Thinks of Everything

It's your reminder that your device is dirtier than a toilet seat.

From the country that invented the square watermelon and the plastic banana case — plus tons of other wacky and brilliant things you never knew you needed — comes a new innovation that seems outlandish at first but is actually pretty essential, if you think about it.

Last month, Tokyo's Narita airport installed small rolls of toilet paper for use to clean travelers’ smartphones. They are available in 86 bathroom stalls, easily identified as the teeny roll of TP located right next to the regular one. According to The Guardian, the amenity comes from telecommunications company NTT Docomo, and each sheet welcomes visitors to Japan and explains in English how to connect to airport Wi-Fi and install its travel-guide app.

But the move isn't just for novelty." The introduction of the cleaning paper came in response to studies showing that smartphone screens typically house more germs than toilet seats. Surveys show that foreign visitors are universally impressed with the cleanliness and versatility of Japan’s public toilets," The Guardian notes.

It's a country where people expect not only smart and a bit surprising inventions, but also the highest standard for hygiene. The Guardian continues, "Toilets are serious business in Japan, where many public buildings are fitted with hi-tech washlets with heated seats and jets of warm water and air."

So if you're passing through Tokyo in the coming months, be sure to give your smartphone a wipe — not just for the Instagram chuckle, but also for the very real reason that it is downright filthy.

Photo: Youtube/Latest Updates

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