Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen Talk Marriage Pet Peeves: One's a "Barn Animal"

The two are madly in love, but hey, we all have our stuff. 

Jason Biggs has been happily married to Jenny Mollen since 2008. The couple are parents to 2-year-old son, Sid. But that doesn’t mean they don’t drive each other crazy. Personal Space caught up with the cute couple at a recent event in New York.

“There are a lot of things [that annoy me],” best selling author of “Live Fast, Die Hot,” Jenny, said, adding, “but the thing I’m thinking of right now is that Jason is stressed about going anywhere so he starts getting on me like, ‘Ok baby we have ten more minutes.’”

She continued: “And I’m like, ‘Jason you’re the one who hasn’t showered’ but he seems to feel that by wrangling me he’s actually getting himself ready.”

The American Pie star then listed what irks him about his gorgeous wife.

“She’s messy and I have OCD. Not dirty, just messy,” he explained. “Crumbs, towels on the floor, chairs not pushed in.”

When Jenny countered that yes, she doesn’t push in chairs, steam literally hissed out of the actor’s ears.

“What are you talking about?” he fumed. “What are you raised in a f***ing barn? You push in your chair. It drives me bananas.”

Before you start thinking you’re going to be reading about their split due to “irreconcilable differences,” the couple also listed the things they love about each other.

“I love how supportive he is,” Jenny gushed. “He’s the most supportive human being I’ve ever met in my life and he’s also an amazing mom. He’s like the most incredible dad but I think he could compete against the best moms in the world and win.”

While Jason added proudly, “Jenny’s the most generous person I know.”

So how do they keep the home fires burning?

“Get in therapy,” advises Jason. “Once a week if we can. We did it before we were even married and we do it as often as we can even if there’s no problem. That’s the problem people will go when it’s too late. Go when things are good and you learn to keep communicating in the right way and you learn things about each other that help the relationship before you even need it to be fixed.”

And don’t be afraid to try something kinky in the bedroom. In Jenny’s book “I Like You Just the Way I Am,” she hilariously recounted an attempt to have a threesome with a hooker for Jason’s birthday a few years ago.

“It remains to this day one of the funniest things Jenny and I have ever done,” Jason said. “It ended up being a total comedy of errors. We don’t care if people want to judge us because we hired someone. We have good values, and f**k off! We’re never going to give a s**t.”

Well, good to note the night in question never actually worked out. It remains just the two of them--and their pet peeves--for now.

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