Jen Aniston Would Trade Her First-Class Seat With You — AND Take Care of Your Kids in Coach

At least according to a new airline ad she stars in.

With all the messy drama surrounding her ex Brad Pitt's contentious divorce from Angelina Jolie, it's tempting to conjure an even more exaggerated picture of Jennifer Aniston as the sweet, well-meaning, and relatively uncomplicated counterpart — a role she's often played in film and TV over time. Well, she's reprising that role in a new airline ad that shows just how far she'd go to demonstrate kindness to strangers... even if it is just a fiction scripted for the benefit of a brand.

The ad is for Emirates airline's A380 jet. It begins with Jen enjoying a luxurious shower in a private shower suite in the first-class cabin. She returns to her seat to find a sweet-faced young boy playing with a toy Emirates airplane in her space. He explains he was just on his way back to his mom and dad, but jolly ol' Jen enjoys his company enough that she decides to follow him back to the back of the plane.

On the way, they refuel with some juice at the sleek lounge, available for first- and business-class passengers. Eventually, they make it back to the kid's family — he's got a sister too — and Jen is plenty psyched to hang out with them in coach because of all the games and movies available in the seatback console. She tells the flight attendant she's comfortable to remain in the cabin — but expresses some concern for the kids' mom. Needless to say? She's doing just fine up in Jen's seat at the front of the plane. 

Watch the 90-second clip here and fantasize about this happening IRL:

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