Jennifer Lawrence's Dog Pippi Puts Her Pants on One Leg at a Time, Just Like the Rest of Us

The results were equal parts adorable and short-lived. 

ICYMI, Jennifer Lawrence loves her dog — and even had an oil portrait painted in Pippi's likeness. She’s also fiercely protective of her — like the time she set the record straight on the dog's name (it's Pippi Lawrence Stocking) or when she went totally Mama Bear on a rude photographer who tried to touch her pup without asking.

So before Jennifer took the stage as the guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and asked Kim Kardashian those hard-hitting questions, we weren’t surprised that she spent some time backstage with her cutest companion.

Now as anyone who has tried to put pants on a dog knows (and, clearly, that would not be us over here speaking from experience), it’s about as easy as wriggling ourselves into arm tights. Sure, we're happy with the results when the process is over but it requires quite a bit of contorting to make it happen.

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