Jennifer Lawrence Says No, Not Ever, Ever Again To Bridesmaid Duty

The actress has had it with the nonsense. 

Jennifer Lawrence has zero interest in ever being a bridesmaid again—and wisely has announced it publicly, so nobody asks her ever again. 

Having been a bridesmaids in a handful of weddings, she tells December’s Vanity Fair that it’s too annoying of a job to keep continuing. 

“Weddings rock, but I will never be a bridesmaid again,” she said. “There needs to be a bridesmaids’ union. It’s horrendous. If anyone asks me again, I’m going to say, ‘No. That part of my life is over. I appreciate the ask.’”

In 2014, she played bridesmaid as part of the bridal party for her brother Blaine Lawrence's wedding to his now-wife Carson Massler. She wore a strapless J. Crew bridesmaid dresses with a sweet heart-shaped neckline.

In May 2016 she was a bridesmaid in her bestie Laura Simpson's Italy nuptials.

She adds that if she gets married, she won’t harass anyone to be her bridesmaid, either. 

“If I do ever get married, I don’t think I will have bridesmaids,” she added. “How can I rank my friends?” 

Sounds good to us. 

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