Ice Cream Fanboy Joe Biden Is Finally Getting His Own Ice Cream Flavor — Can You Guess What It Is?

Here's the scoop on Uncle Joe's new signature flavor.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has kept himself plenty busy in the months since leaving the White House. And while no, he hasn’t passed the days kite-surfing with Richard Branson, he has taken on a new job as an Ivy league professor, strutted about in any number of aviator sunglasses, and been meme’d harder than just about any person in living memory.

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These babies keep us going.

In addition to his numerous projects, Biden has also been invited to be the commencement speaker at Cornell University’s convocation ceremony at the end of the month, where the Cornell Daily Sun reports the student body and a local creamery are partnering together to present the former-VP with a special treat:

His very own ice cream flavor.

If there’s one thing we know about Joe for sure, it’s that he loves the Amtrak. But if there’s a second thing, it’s that he loves ice cream. He’s eaten it on The Tonight Show. He’s eaten it at press conferences. He’s eaten with whoever this guy is:

Man, that guy loves frozen dairy.

The idea for a Biden-themed flavor came from Cornell student Molly Mandel, a Biden fan and former intern with the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant. Mandel brought the idea to Deanna Simmons, the quality manager and academic programs coordinator at the Dairy. Simmons then reportedly called the University of Delaware, Biden’s alma matter, in order to try and track down his favorite flavor. The answer? “Old-fashioned chocolate chip.”

Cornell students have been voting on a name for the Biden-branded chocolate chip flavor, and the five finalists are now:

  • Biden’s Chocolate Bites
  • Bits n’ Biden
  • Big Red, White & Biden
  • Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chips
  • Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip

(We think not incorporating “Vice Cream” is a real missed opportunity, but what do we know?)

VP Biden is apparently aware of the gambit, or at the very least his team is. The paper reports that the final name will have to go to his representatives for approval.

But the taste test, we assume, will be left to Uncle Joe himself.

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