Badgers Bouncing on a Trampoline: The Best Commercial You’ll See This Year

We’re not sure what it’s for, but we’re definitely gonna watch it again.

Every country has a unique way of ushering in the holiday season. Here in America, it’s that moment when you walk into CVS and all of the candy corn has been replaced with candy canes and you’re like, “OMG it was literally Halloween yesterday.

The UK, however, has a less candy-spurred tradition: the premiere of the annual John Lewis Christmas commercial. The retailer always puts together a highly anticipated “advert,” and this year, it’s a real heartwarming doozy: a father assembles a trampoline as his daughter’s Christmas gift, but before she receives it, a mélange of woodland creatures (and her dog Buster) decide to have a go at it (do we sound British)?

Starring Biff the Boxer and a bunch of CGI creatures, this is probably the cutest ad you’ll see all season long:

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