Judge Judy Lets Dog Choose His Owner in Landmark Reality TV Court Case

Real cases. Real dogs. Judge Judy.

For awhile there, Judge Judy was our high priestess of people’s court justice. From a plaintiff who accused her friend of biting off her pinky finger to a defendant who claimed she wasn’t responsible for a UTI medical bill, Judge Judy has seen it all, and she knows how to succinctly settle a score.

Despite the fact that Her Honor hasn’t been especially spotlit in the past few years, Judge Judy is enjoying a type of internet renaissance thanks to a 2012 clip that is just now—in 2017—going viral. In the case, who alleged owners claim that a dog is theirs. Rather than letting them argue in circles, Judge Judy susses out the truth extremely quickly: She sets the dog on the floor and lets him run to his rightful owner.

All hail Judge Judy: beacon of the bench and animal rights advocate! 

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