This Juicy Inside-Out Cheeseburger Is the Drug You'll Be Craving This Weekend

Its warm, melty heart will soothe your soul.

Ever had a Jucy Lucy? No, that's not a typo. The name describes a hamburger that gets its extra-juiciness from a puddle of melting American cheese in the middle. Often described as an inverted cheeseburger, the ideal Juicy Lucy may look like a regular, charred burger at first glance, but it hides an oozing dairy heart.  

Two rival bars in Minneapolis claim Lucy as their own: the 5-8 Club and Matt’s Bar, each having slung these burgers for more than 50 years. How you spell the burger’s name indicates your allegiance.

Matt’s calls its creation a “Jucy Lucy” and warns, “if it’s spelled correctly, you just might be eating a shameless ripoff!” Matt’s origin tale credits a customer with the moniker and claims that a typo on the original sign for the Jucy Lucy proves its bona fides.

The 5-8 Club counters, “if it's spelled right, it's done right.” In addition to classic American, the pub offers variations of Swiss, pepper jack, or a viciously hot ghost-pepper cheese.

Fans of these burgers wax rhapsodic about the juicy center, often using terms that would make a sailor blush. Purists use only American cheese, folding the slice into smaller pieces to tuck between two thin beef patties. By thoroughly sealing the patties’ edges together, a burger-flipper should get the cheese to melt without spilling out.

You can find these surprise-inside burgers at restaurants all around the Twin Cities, with variations on the toppings and filling. A “Juicy Blucy,” for instance, stuffs the burger with blue cheese.

Wherever you try one, prepare for a rush of dairy-lava when you bite into the core. Our advice? Wait a minute before devouring it: That lava is hot. And the delayed gratification will somehow make it taste even more delicious.


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