Karlie Kloss Dragged Into Taylor Swift-Kimye Drama, Forced To Explain Her Stance

The model is now part of the never ending drama between the singer, the reality star, and the rapper. 

Taylor Swift doesn’t need to worry about her best friendship with Karlie Kloss—it’s solid. 

After the model called Taylor’s nemesis Kim Kardashian a “lovely person,” it seemed she was playing Switzerland in the war of words between Kimye and the “Bad Blood” singer. (See should you be expected to shun a person who was mean to your friend?)

“I think she’s been a lovely person to me in the past. Look, I really don’t know her that well,” Karlie told The U.K.’s The Times

Well, that was enough to release the hornet’s nest once again. Her “lovely” comment came after years of back-and-forth between Taylor, Kim, and Kanye West. Their dislike for each other hit new heights this year when Kayne rapped, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that b**ch famous.”

Taylor said she never approved it, Kanye called her a liar, then Kim took to Snapchat to release video of a phone call between Kanye and Taylor that proved they spoke, but she never did approve the b**ch line. 

Then Karlie, who has her own room in Taylor’s New York City loft, was dragged into the mess when the internet accused her of not sticking up for her BFF. So she cleared it up on Twitter. 

“I will not allow the media to misconstrue my words. Taylor has always had my back and I will always have hers. And I will never be the girl that you can use to pit women against each other. That isn’t me,” she wrote. 

Taylor—who wants the drama to end (but secretly really continue on) toldVogue back in April: “I think the world is so bored with the saga. I don’t want to add anything to it, because then there’s just more.”

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