Karlie Kloss Swears by the Most Insane-Looking Travel Product

We're not totally on board with the trend yet.

Karlie Kloss stands out among supermodel celebs for how relatable her posts can be when she travels: She's always snapping and Instagramming with a sense of wonder like a typical tourist would. But lately, it appears she's turned to a decidedly un-glamorous travel accessory that we're not sure we're ready to emulate just yet.

Recently, she jetted off to Madrid, where she did an appearance on a talk show. Hilariously, the whole thing was in Spanish and she was wearing a headset that was attempting to translate for her at rapid speeds. She joked she didn't know what was going on — and she did have someone document it all for her Snapchat.

But here's what we could discern from her appearance, as documented on her social media: She walked up and down a faux-runway with what looked like a bright green blow-up legwarmer on. She captioned the photo, "This might be a new travel essential."

Wait, what is that thing? It looks like something to prevent deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, while flying. Doctors will tell you that wearing compression socks during flying can significantly decrease your chances of getting DVT — the pressure on your leg keeps the blood flowing while you sit with your legs dangling for hours-long flights — but we've never seen this before.

Another perk for Karlie would be that is prevents that awful leg and foot swelling you might get after a long-haul flight. Models can't be showing up at photo shoots with cankles, can they?

Of course, chances are Karlie Kloss is laying horizontal sleeping peacefully in first class, rendering these not really important — elevating the legs can resolve the issue.

That said, Karlie did hint a couple times at feeling a little bit jet-lagged — maybe she needs to read up on some of Chrissy Teigen's jet lag cures for inspo!

She wasn't in Madrid long, and quickly got back onto a flight home. Karlie runs a program called Kode With Klossy as she believes more girls should learn to code. (Fun fact: She's been coding since she took classes back in 2014). She noticed the low-tech way planes still do ticketing and was astounded.

Nevertheless, her next snap showed she'd moved successfully and seamlessly from a plane to a chopper to be dropped off back home. What a life!

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