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Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Aren't The Only Ones Who've Hooked Up On Set

These celebs got to work on and off screen.

Keri Russell has welcomed a new baby with Matthew Rhys—and it all started with an on set hook up. 

The Americans co-stars were spotted out in Brooklyn with their bundle of joy on Memorial Day looking happy. Keri, 40, was carrying the baby while Matthew carried a car seat. They welcomed the new addition to the family last week.

It’s the first child for the actor, 41, and the third for Keri, who has two kids, Willa, 4, and River, 8, with ex-husband Shane Deary.

The couple have been dating for a while, and rumors of a romance were swirling before they ever confirmed they were together. They made their first public appearance as a couple in April 2014.

Here are some other on set hookups:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston’s love triangle was fodder for the tabloids for years after Brad left his then wife Jen for his true love Angie. They met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he basically never came back home and now Brad and Angie share six kids together. Both Brad and Angelina have said on record they never hooked up (off screen) while he was still married, it’s pretty safe to say an emotional affair was in the works. 

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Years after Brad left for Angelina, Jennifer went public with her Wanderlust costar Justin. The actor was reportedly living with his stylist girlfriend, Heidi Bivens, at the time, but he maintains they had broken up before he hooked up with Jen. The two married in a surprise ceremony in August 2015.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Tori and now husband Dean met on the set of Lifetime movie, Mind Over Murder in 2005. Both were married, but left their spouses a month later, and married each other in 2009. The couple have four children together and their marriage has survived a cheating scandal, when Dean admitted to being unfaithful. 

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

Singing sensation LeAnn and Eddie were caught having an affair by the tabloids in 2009 while filming Northern Lights together. Eddie’s ex-wife, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, described the moment she knew it was happening at a dinner with LeAnn in her memoir, Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders. 

“And this woman, whom I had just met, spent more time flirting with my husband than acknowledging her own. And Dean, bless his heart, ate his sushi, laughed at all the right moments, and pretended that he didn’t see exactly what was in front of him. As the evening progressed, every time LeAnn made some sort of inappropriate advance toward my husband – a whisper, a giggle, or a reach across the ever-shrinking table – Eddie squeezed my hand a little tighter. And as if on cue, Eddie would lean over the table, every so often, to offer me a nervous, overly tongue-y kiss to gauge my current state of mind.”

Eddie and LeAnn wed in 2011.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

The two met on the set of 1997's I Know What You Did Last Summer. They wed in September 2002 and are still married in 2016, which by Hollywood standards is basically forever. 

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Courteney and David costarred in Scream together in 1996. Two years later, David proposed. The two have since divorced, but remain close friends, with Courteney telling More magazine, "When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it's not with you."

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Ryan and Rachel met on the set of 2004's The Notebook ("It wasn't over..It still isn't over!") and broke up four years later. Ryan's gone on to have two children with Eva Mendes, but we will never forget.

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