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Kim Kardashian's Cornbread Hack Is Easy and Oddly Tempting

Want your cornbread to taste even more like dessert? Kim K is here to help.

Kimberly Kardashian West is a lot of things to a lot of people: an unavoidably ubiquitous celebrity, a galaxy-dominating star of screens large and small, an author, model, mogul, mom, mobile game entrepreneur... stop us anytime. But did you know she's also a cornbread wizard? Well, she is. At least according to People, which just anointed her cornbread hack a work of "genius." And look, maybe it is, if you like your cornbread extra-extra sweet.

Most versions of cornbread in no way lack for sweetness, but here's what Kim does, in her heavily Insta- and Snapchat-documented soul food cooking session for daughter North and sister Kylie: She spreads the pan with butter and sugar before pouring in the batter.

Kim didn't reveal her cornbread recipe, but here's one we like if you want to give Kim's advice a shot. Just remember, that one tablespoon of sugar isn't going to be enough if you want Kardashian Kornbread. You'll want to up the amount by a tablespoon (or two? or three? you be the judge) and sprinkle it liberally over the butter in step 1. Let us know how it goes?

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