Kim Kardashian Pleaded With Key Witness to Robbery: "Are We Gonna Die?"

Now back in New York, the reality star is sharing new details with Parisian authorities.

More details are emerging following Kim Kardashian’s assault and robbery in Paris. Although she quickly fled France and returned to New York amid presidential-level security after the crime, she is cooperating with authorities from afar. And the details from her police interviews shed more light on the events and timeline of the night.

A source told People that the reality star gave an interview with police on Tuesday in which she explained her encounters with the key witness: the concierge at the No Address Hotel who brought the five masked gunmen dressed as police officers to Kim’s apartment, where she was unprotected without her bodyguard.

The source reported that Kim said the concierge was handcuffed when he opened the door to the apartment for the robbers after he brought them up by way of private elevator. 

People’s source said Kim told police the concierge was there during the entire crime — and that the reality star remained in conversation with him as they both coped with the horror.

Specifically, a source told TMZ that Kim asked the concierge, "Are we gonna die?" He was calm as he responded, "I don't know."

TMZ’s source reported that Kim made clear to the police in her interviews that the concierge was calm, despite the trauma of the incident. The source also said Kim told police the robbers left with the concierge, and deposited him back in the lobby, still cuffed.

A new video reportedly captured murky details of the robbers then fleeing following the attack.

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