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Kim Kardashian Reveals The Chances Kris Jenner Will Ever Speak To Caitlyn Again

What are the odds the two can be friends?

Oops, Kim Kardashian forgot to Plead the Fifth during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, so she may have revealed more than she wanted to on her momager Kris Jenner's latest relationship status with Caitlyn Jenner.

Rather than act out a scene which is "so not her thing," Kim chose to play the game, answering questions about the sisters' relationship with former stylist Monica Rose, and the Kylie/Tyga breakup.

But she was still answering when Andy asked, "what are the chances of Kris and Caitlyn ever speaking again?

At first, Kim blurted out "zero."

Then she quickly changed that to one percent. But after thinking about it for another second, settled on two. Two percent "and those are Kendall and Kylie," she said of the two daughters Kris and Caitlyn share together.

"Fair I think," Kim added, realizing that she answered all the questions without Pleading the Fifth.

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