Kim Kardashian's Surrogate Learned Whose Baby She Was Having After She Got Pregnant

"What if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby?"

Imagine if you were carrying a little Kimye Yeezus and you didn't even know it. That's exactly what happened to the surrogate, a mother of two in her mid-Twenties, who became pregnant before finding out that the parents are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

"I just felt like, whoever is carrying my baby, what if they weren’t a fan of me or my husband? What if they didn’t want to be carrying our baby?" she revealed on The Real. "I wanted to give them that choice, and be proud and on the same page. I wanted a relationship with her."

She says the surrogate was pleasantly surprised to find out.

"She was really excited. She was someone who had watched the show. Not like a superfan — that would have been uncomfortable — but she’d seen my struggle and seen how open I was about it, so she was really proud to do it."

While they have cultivated a relationship, Kim also recently explained to The Real's Loni Love why she didn't invite her surrogate to her baby shower.

"I introduced her to my family earlier that day, and I just thought … I don’t know, it was a weird decision to have to make,” she admitted. “Of course I would have wanted her to be there, and be a part of it, but I hadn’t really gone that far in explaining [the surrogacy] to my kids yet. So I have to figure that out first before they really see, and then if we’re celebrating, you know, her … I just wanted to celebrate the baby. I think I have to explain it to my kids first, and figure out how I’m going to explain it to them.”







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