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These Kittens Were Raised by Rabbits, So Now They Hop Like Bunnies

Whelp, THIS is the cutest thing you’ll see all week!

If we were to create a hierarchy of cute things, bunnies and kittens would definitely fall in the top five. (We are leaving spots for puppies, babies, and chickadees, to be ordered however we see fit depending on the day.) So when kittens start acting like bunnies? That is, like, cuteness compounded in some sort of multiples math that we don’t even understand.

Because these kittens have spent so much time around their rabbit friends, they have picked up on some of their sociological behaviors. In this instance, they’re mimicking the bunnies’ “binky” (that is the technical term for when bunnies do that little twisty-jump for joy). Is a kitten binky the top triangle on Unleashed’s Hierarchy of Cuteness? Today it is, yes.

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