Innovative Kittens Find a High-Tech Solution to Deal with the Winter Chill

We feel warmer just looking at them.

Not sure if any of you have noticed, but it is cold out there. We’ve been putting tights on underneath our pants, and wearing ear muffs beneath our hats, and coming home and taking scalding hot baths before putting on fleece onesies and curling up under comforters we’ve lit on fire. So yeah, winter, we get it.

If only we were as smart as these kittens, Tora and Saba. Their owner, Twitter user @kokonananya of Japan said (roughly), “It’s getting cold, so I bought a heated carpet for my feet.” [Ed note: How did we not know that these things existed? We figured they were some sort of Japanese sorcery but apparently you can get them on Amazon (you’re welcome).]

Aaaaanyway, what do smart kittens do when such a device enters their home? They immediately coopt it as their new snuggly hot toaster bed, like the tiny fuzzy geniuses that they are! According to, the heated carpet coup has gone so far that the humans can no longer use it without permission from Tora and Saba.

Please enjoy these photos and videos of the heat thieves in action.

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