What’s In My Handbag?: Arrested Australian Animal Lady Edition

HINT: It’s not Fates and Furies…

When a 50-year-old Brisbane woman was arrested on “outstanding matters,” she was asked to turn over her bag. And upon being asked if she had anything to declare, we imagine she said something like, “Oh yeah, this baby koala.”

Indeed, the police unzipped her bag and found a six-month-old, three-pound joey—who was a bit dehydrated but otherwise in excellent health, according to a police statement. The woman claimed that she had found the orphaned baby koala the previous night and had been caring for it. (While we would probably be tempted to do the same, it’s important to note that koalas are protected under Australia’s Nature Conservation Act, and humans are strongly discouraged from handling them.)

The Queensland Police contacted the RSPCA, who gave the joey a quick checkup, provided him with some fluids, and then took him in for appropriate rehabilitation. But not before the koala—subsequently named Alfred—enjoyed a quick tour of the Queensland Police station.

We look forward to having this incident reenacted in an upcoming episode of Law and Order: Koala Backpack Unit.

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