Stop What You’re Doing and Look at How Happy This Gecko is to Have a Toy BFF

Your spreadsheet can wait!

Kohaku the gecko is one of those internet celebs who remains shrouded in mystery. Where did he come from? DON’T KNOW! What is his story? NO CLUE! What facts do we have? ZERO!

All we know is that Kohaku is a gecko, he has a toy gecko best friend that he brings with him everywhere (although, to be fair, he is a gecko, so "everywhere" isn't really all that large a swath of space), and according to his Instagram bio, he “like to dig sand.”

That is all the information we can offer you, and so the rest of this post will simply be photographs of Kohaku with his very best toy gecko friend, and they're guaranteed to make your eyes crinkle with joy.

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