Kristen Bell Has a New Pupper Co-Star and His Name is Dinky and We Love Him Forever

K bye.

Angel incarnate Kristen Bell is no stranger to communing with dogs. The staunch animal advocate has a rescue dog named Lola (who, seriously, is the cutest pup in North America), a foster dog named Muppet (who’s a close second), and she has even partnered with PBS and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace to raise awareness around the #AdoptDontShop movement. (Also: The law of being a Disney Princess states you must love all adorable creatures.)

So when we were scrolling through our Instagram and saw this photo, our hearts stopped. Had our fave star of The Good Place adopted a new doggo named Dinky?!

Merry October, From me and my new friend Dinky.

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Alas and alack, a follow-up post revealed that Dinky is merely a temporary co-worker (most likely on the press junket for Bad Moms Christmas), so it is unlikely we’ll get follow-up glimpses of his big brown eyes and perennially-smiling face in the near future.

Kristen posted on her Instagram, “See ya later, Dinky! Loved working with u today. Ours was a love I will not soon forget. #merryoctober”

See ya later, Dinky! Loved working with u today. Ours was a love I will not soon forget. #merryoctober

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The adorable Dinkster appears to be some sort of Cocker spaniel-golden retriever mix, and his commitment to holiday-themed apparel only makes him all the cuter. As for his perma-smile, well, Kristen attributes it to Dinky staying far away from the internet. “This is Dinky. He’s had a fabulous 2017 because he doesn’t read the news.” Touché! 

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