Kristen Doute’s Dogs Gibson and Bowie Are Angels So Just Shut Up and Deal With It

We're here to end this Emotional Support Animal debate once and for all.

Kristen Doute has been getting a lot of heat on social media since Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules where she revealed that her dog Gibson Nicks is certified as an emotional support animal (ESA).

Love her or hate her, Kristen is 100% within her rights. ESAs are very different from therapy animals: They do not require any specialized training or experience, and their only legal protections are on airplanes and in no-pet housing (which may require a doctor’s note).

The Gibson kerfuffle seems misguided since literally any companion animal can qualify as an ESA and it’s a very common certification. Kristen has openly discussed being in therapy and has a doctor's note—plus there are plenty of people who choose ESAs over taking medications.

But more importantly, Kristen is a vocal advocate of animal rescue and a fosterer (who wound up adopting). And if you weren’t already aware, her dogs Gibson and Bowie are two adorable angels who deserve to be celebrated—no matter how you feel about their mom.

The photo of Gibson that started the castaras:

Another glamour shot of Gibson:

I mean... 😍 #GibsonNicks 📷: @itsarealbeard

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Bowie and Gibson enjoying that gorgeous CA sunshine:

can't wait to get home to my handsome boys! thank you aunt @jay9carter JFK ✈️ LAX #gibsonnicks #bowiejack

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Family portrait to end all family portraits:

We miss you, Pa! Safe travels to London and back. @itsarealbeard 💋😘🐶

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Bowie enjoying a shearling snuggle:

so grateful to have him back tonight. 😭 #BowieJack

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Gibson living that #drawerbedlyfe:

closet monster doesn't like suitcases. (doesn't realize he's coming with.) ✈️🐶 #GibsonNicks

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Just two dog brothers in love:

Dog coat #goals:

we share a leather jacket love story 🐶 #pumprules thank you @suozzman!

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Dog teepee #goals:

Bowie is a sleepy boy 🐶💤 Teepee: @vintagekandy

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The day Kristen decided to foster Bowie (how could she think she wouldn’t wind up adopting?! LOOK AT HIM!):

And one more of Gibson being a literal teddy bear:

I let him destroy it after. 🎃

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