Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Diet Rumors Are Incredibly Bizarre: JUST These Two Things Every Day?

Hey, whatever she's doing, it's obviously working.

By this time of year, we’ve all definitely started to cheat on (or completely abandon) our New Year’s diet goals. Which is actually a pretty great thing, because the Super Bowl was not built for diets. It was built for wings, booze, cheesy dips, and all other manner of carb-loaded munchies. But if you were going to be PERFORMING at the Super Bowl instead of watching it from the comfort of your friend’s couch, you might be a little more conscious of sticking to your diet. 100 million eyes and form-fitting wardrobe choices will do that to you.

With that said, we’ve been wondering exactly what Lady Gaga, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performer, is eating in preparation of Sunday’s show.

While no one knows precisely what she’s been eating, it hasn’t stopped wild speculations from making the rounds. Inquisitr shared a report, which first appeared on Life & Style last winter, that ahead of her Super Bowl duties, the star was sticking strictly to a diet of sushi and Champagne. According to the report, she calls this her “good luck diet.”

Gossip Cop, on the other hand, is of the belief that this report is overblown and doesn't reflect Gaga’s actual diet choices. Since the star has been hush-hush about what she eats to prep for her Super Bowl preformances, speculation abounds: The Daily Meal is musing that everything from peach cobbler, Irish whiskey, and turkey sandwiches might be on the menu for Gaga as she preps for Super Bowl LI. And then there's her signature version of sweet fennel pasta.

Whatever she’s doing, we can’t wait for her performance. In the meantime, rumor or not, we're giving that sushi-and-Champagne-all-day diet a try ourselves. You know, taking one for the team.

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