Lance Bass "Hates Traveling," And Has the Cheesiest Method for Surviving It

"I am a 90-year-old woman," says the former boy bander of his in-flight entertainment.

Lance Bass isn't terribly fancy when he travels, but there is just one electronic device he needs in order to be comfortable.

"I have to have my iPad," he tells Jet Set (clip above). "I live on my iPad and it's still the first generation, it's still doing fine. I wish they could make the iPhone like they make the iPad... because I've had it for years and it's fine."

The former boy bander feels rather elderly when he's traveling, which he doesn't enjoy doing at all.

"But I have to play games because I hate traveling, so I need to focus on something," he shares. "I play hearts, I like to play cards. Or I play Smurfs — Smurfs' Village and hearts, that's what I play. I'm basically a 90-year-old woman. It really entertains me and the hours fly when I play those games."

Quaint, Lance. And rated much more PG than Harvey Weinstein's travel essentials.

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