What Disrespectful Behavior Provoked Lena Dunham to Scold a Pair of Flight Attendants on Twitter?

The Girls creator alleged something much more serious beyond the four-hour flight delay.

Lena Dunham was having a rather ordinary experience at the airport yesterday: That is to say, she was blowing off some steam on social media in the face of a tedious flight delay at New York's JFK.

She tried to keep her frustration under control... by overindulging in some airport snack offerings. (Hey, it happens — right, Kendall Jenner?)

She playfully compared the experience of a flight delay to Lord of the Flies.

(And she even tweeted a little nod to Bravo!)

So far, pretty standard time-killing stuff. Soon, however, things took a rather more serious turn.

Next, she used her star power to get the attention of the airline, by messaging the brand directly:

And American Airlines was swift to respond.

After a bit of time to reflect, today Lena tweeted her top takeaways from the experience.

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