Let Beyoncé Be Your Guide for a Sizzling New Orleans Trip

Build your itinerary from the queen's curated list of hot spots.

If you have a pulse, perhaps you heard about Beyoncé’s release of her visual album “Lemonade” this week? Aside from the obvious drama contained in the songs (looking at you, Jay-Z and Becky with the good hair) and its broader context, there’s the jaw-dropping fact of just how well produced and artistic the entire collection is. The videos are individually gorgeous in composition and scenery, and most of what you see was shot in Louisiana — specifically New Orleans.

That makes sense. Beyoncé has a house in New Orleans. Her mother is from Louisiana, and her sister lives there.

Indeed, Bey's ties to the Big Easy are strong. Here are some of the spots in town she's all about.

1.  Café Amelie

Café Amelie is a romantic hotspot that features a lush garden area — where Beyoncé was once seen dining, as chronicled on nola.com — as well as a delicious menu and signature cocktails.

2.  Parkway Bakery

Open since 1911, the legendary Parkway Bakery is known for their classic po’boys, 150 or so of which were purportedly ordered once for Beyoncé and her team, according to Huffington Post.

3.  Kingfish

This French Quarter cocktail bar has quite the food menu, too. Featuring Louisiana favorites and a killer happy hour, it’s no wonder why Beyoncé has been seen (as documented by People) at Kingfish.

4.  Gene’s Curbside Daiquiris

For an authentic boozy experience that shouldn’t be missed when in town, stop by Gene’s Curbside Daiquiris, where the queen has been known to order a tasty beverage, which inspired this Food & Wine piece

5.  National World War II Museum

Beyonce spent some time at the National World War II Museum during a NOLA outing once and that makes sense — this is a great spot to binge on history. She even posed as Rosie the Riveter, according to MTV.

6.  The Country Club

The Country Club is a casual and fun building that was built in 1884! Beyoncé went for a swim here with her family as a part of a mini vacation which was documented on nola.com. You should make a point to go too for a dip, drink, nibble, and maybe even some hot tub time.

7.  Mother’s

Beyoncé once shared a photo of herself holding a Mother’s menu in front of her face (thanks, TMZ!). Known for its baked ham, this historic spot also features gumbo, jambalaya, and seafood galore.

8.  Muriel’s Jackson Square

Beyoncé chose to throw her mother’s 60th birthday party at Murie’s Jackson Square, with a masquerade theme and celebrity guestlist, which is talked about more extensively in this Daily Mail piece. Tucked into the French Quarter with a second-floor balcony seating and a creole menu, you can’t go wrong with a stop here.

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